frequently asked cvs questions

  • how do i get started?

    please see "cvs for newbies"

  • i don't understand these couponing abbreviations and acronyms, what do they mean?

    here is a list of acronyms/abbreviations you may see on this site:
    BOGO = Buy one get one (free)
    CRT = cash register tape, a coupon printed at the end of a cvs receipt or from the coupon center (price scanner)
    = coupon database
    eb = Extra(Care) Buck
    ets = excludes trial sizes
    gbt = green bag tag
    gc = gift card
    gm = general mills coupon insert from newspaper
    man. = manufacturer
    MIR = Mail In Rebate
    OOP = Out Of Pocket
    pg/p&g = proctor & gamble coupon insert from newspaper
    psa = prices start at
    RP = red plum coupon insert from sunday newspaper
    SS = smartsource coupon insert from sunday newspaper
    V = Valassis (same as red plum) coupon insert
    WYB = When You Buy
    YMMV = your mileage might vary

    if you forget, you can always refer to this list in the right column, under "more info"

  • can i use more than one cvs card?

    only one card per household is allowed according to the cvs facebook page. this is not stated on the card applications, but apparently this is their official, though rarely enforced policy. ymmv!

  • can I do this deal more than once?

    extrabucks deals have limits, as shown in the ad and shelf tags. you will only receive extrabucks for the deal limit, unless you use different cvs cards.

    other sales may also have limits stated in the ad. these limits are enforced for each transaction. for example, pepsi 2 liters are on sale for $.99 limit 5. if you buy 6 in one transaction, the 6th bottle may ring up full price. however, if you buy 5 bottles or fewer per transaction you will receive the sale price for all. cvs store employees rarely enforce printed limits, but ymmv.

  • can I do this deal more than once in a single transaction?

    You can always Max out the advertised limit in one transaction. but if you do the same deal more than once in a single transaction, your extrabucks reward will be combined. For example, if the deal was get $5 extrabucks wyb $15 limit 2, and you spent $30, you would receive one printed $10 extrabucks reward. This might be more difficult for you to spend than 2 separate $5 extrabucks if you prefer to do smaller transactions. for this reason, you may prefer to do your deals separately in order to receive smaller extrabucks denominations.

    you do have to be careful when the actual limit is more than the advertised limit. In this case, you may be limited to the advertised limit in each transaction. this happens with many of the monthly deals.

    For example, if the deal is "get $5 extrabucks wyb $15" and the advertised limit is 1, but the actual limit is 2, Your best option is not to spend more than $15 per transaction. If you bought 2 $10 items in your first transaction, you would receive $5 extrabucks but you would not have any credit towards doing the deal a second time. Your receipt would only show $15 towards the deal. but if you bought each $10 item separately, on the second transaction you would receive your $5 extrabucks, and you would have $5 towards doing the deal a second time.

  • where can i find the official cvs coupon policy?

    the official cvs coupon policy can be viewed and printed here.

    i suggest printing it and keeping it in your coupon organizer so you'll have it if you run into a problem at the store.

  • Can I use 2 purchase-based cvs coupons in a transaction? (for example, a $10 off $50 purchase coupon and a $4 off $20 purchase coupon)

    the offical cvs coupon policy states that you may as long as you spend the sum of the required purchase amounts. for example, two 3 off $15 coupons if you purchase $30.

    however, most of the $$/$$ coupons state "limit of one purchase-based coupon, i.e. $4 off $20 purchase, per transaction."

    the registers have been reported to accept multiple purchase-based coupons as long as you spend the sum of the required amounts, however since the coupons state that only one may be used per transaction the cashier may not allow it, ymmv!

  • why don't i receive the cvs coupons others get?

  • how is the amount deducted for a x% off CVS coupon calculated?

    x% off cvs coupons usually excludes sale items. the system will not apply the x% off coupon to any sale items in your transaction. sale items are not always marked, so you may want to double check at the price checker/coupon center to make sure your items are not on sale!

    x% off cvs coupons usually will apply to any items that are part of an extrabucks deal but not ringing up at a sale price!

    cvs coupons will also decrease the amount your x% off coupon deducts.

    most extrabucks will not reduce the deduction for the 20% and 25% off cvs coupons. the exceptions are cvs sponsored (rather than manufacturer sponsored) extrabucks, such as those that are manually printed for rainchecks, extrabucks received for the cvs beauty club, & extrabucks earned by purchasing CVS brand items.

    to figure how much the x% off coupon will deduct, take the total of your items (not including tax), subtract any sale items, cvs coupons & cvs sponsored extrabucks, and multiply your new total by x%.

  • how do cvs rainchecks work?

  • what is the official cvs return policy? what happens if i need to return an item that i used coupons and/or extrabucks to buy?

    all returns/refund are subject to Store Manager’s approval. i suggest keeping any returns few and far between if you want to maintain a good relationship with your cvs managers and staff.

    returns with receipt are generally allowed within 60 days. for an item purchased with coupons or extra bucks, the amount of the coupons would be refunded as credit on a cvs money card. CVS/pharmacy Store Brands & Cosmetics are 100% guaranteed. Prepaid gift cards and money orders are not generally refundable.

    returns without receipt will be processed on a CVS/pharmacy Money Card.

    sales are final on clearance and discontinued items.

  • my extrabucks expired! what can i do?

    As a rule, CVS does not accept expired extrabucks - but some locations are more lenient than others. Your chances Of getting your expired extrabucks accepted are best if they have expired recently, so don't wait too long. ask nicely, and if one store won't accept them, you can always try another.

  • how do you get the cvs ads early?

    the stores usually receive the ads a couple of weeks in advance. if you ask nicely, they may give you a copy! some stores will absolutely refuse to give out the ads early, but others are happy to! ymmv!

    the following week's cvs ad is available at starting on thursday before each sale week.

  • what region are the cvs ads posted for? why is my ad different?

    my final, high quality ad scans are from long island, ny. however, ad previews that have originated from other sites could be from anywhere.

    although most cvs deals are consistent across different regions, there can be some differences. i suggest always checking your local ad before shopping.