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do have to spend the full amount required to earn extrabucks? / what is the 98% rule?

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no, you don't have to spend exactly the full amount! cvs has what we call the "98% rule."

for example, if a deal requires you to spend $10, the actual amount needed to generate the extrabucks is $9.80 ($10 x .98). on a deal requiring you spend $30, you would actually need $29.40 ($30 x .98). this is very helpful when most prices end in .99!

the 98% rule also applies to the cash card deals cvs occasionally runs.

exception: the 98% rule does not apply to tiered deals!
tiered deals offer different extrabucks amounts depending on how much you buy.

for example:
nexxus get $5 extrabucks wyb $15 or $10 extrabucks wyb $20.
the full $15 or $20 must all be purchased in the same transaction.
$0-$14.99 = $0
$15-$19.99 = $5
$20+ = $10