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can I do this deal more than once?

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extrabucks deals have limits, as shown in the ad and shelf tags.
you will only receive extrabucks for the deal limit, unless you use different cvs cards.

other sales may also have limits stated in the ad.
these limits are enforced for each transaction. for example, pepsi 2 liters are on sale for $.99 limit 5. if you buy 6 in one transaction, the 6th bottle may ring up full price. however, if you buy 5 bottles or fewer per transaction you will receive the sale price for all. cvs store employees rarely enforce printed limits, but ymmv.

You can always Max out the advertised limit in one transaction. but if you do the same deal more than once in a single transaction, your extrabucks reward will be combined. For example, if the deal was get $5 extrabucks wyb $15 limit 2, and you spent $30, you would receive one printed $10 extrabucks reward. This might be more difficult for you to spend than 2 separate $5 extrabucks if you prefer to do smaller transactions. for this reason, you may prefer to do your deals separately in order to receive smaller extrabucks denominations.

you do have to be careful when the actual limit is more than the advertised limit. In this case, you may be limited to the advertised limit in each transaction. this happens with many of the monthly deals.

For example, if the deal is "get $5 extrabucks wyb $15" and the advertised limit is 1, but the actual limit is 2, Your best option is not to spend more than $15 per transaction. If you bought 2 $10 items in your first transaction, you would receive $5 extrabucks but you would not have any credit towards doing the deal a second time. Your receipt would only show $15 towards the deal. but if you bought each $10 item separately, on the second transaction you would receive your $5 extrabucks, and you would have $5 towards doing the deal a second time.