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cvs self-checkout (sco)

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cvs self-checkout
3rd generation model

cvs self-checkout
2nd generation model

You can scan your extracare card or enter your phone number.
scanning your extracare card from the cvs app and loyalty card apps does work on newer sco models (gen3).

screen will show your subtotal before tax, tax, & the final total.

total coupon savings of about 50%+ before totaling will require employee approval for all coupons scanned after totaling.
this includes digital manufacturer coupons, crt's/extrabucks that were sent to card, and any paper manufacturer coupons that you have already scanned before totalling.

an indvidual printed extrabuck or printed crt greater than your subtotal will not be accepted
for example, if you have a $4.99 subtotal, sco will not accept a $5 extrabuck/crt.

However, you could use a $2 extrabuck/CRT along with a $3 extrabuck/CRT, they would be accepted and round down by $.01.

extrabucks and crt's that have been sent to card are reported to round down automatically!

for more details please see alli's explanation:

when scanning coupons on the newer sco models (gen3) the long databar (usually on printable coupons) has to be held vertically to fit into the scanning area
any other code (such as qr and pdf417) has to be covered, so that the machine can catch the correct barcode.

after scanning a manufacturer coupon, the machine instructs you to drop the coupon in the box.
if the coupon is not inserted, the transaction will pause for a while, then instruct you to continue scanning your coupons. the coupon that wasn't inserted will not apply to the transaction.

this could be an issue if the coupon box is full and you need to wait for an employee to empty it.

most crts and extrabucks are not required to be inserted.
this may vary by store.

more than four like coupons will require employee approval.

using extrabucks with a value over $10 will require employee approval.

"credit only" sco will call for employee assistance if your final total = $0.
the "credit only" sco machine will proceed to print your receipt while requesting an employee. you should be able to walk out with your receipt without an issue. but the machine will need to be cleared by an employee before it can be used again.

The "cash or credit" SCO can handle a $0 total without calling for an employee's assistance.

cvs eGiftCards cannot be used as payment at sco.
(gift cards cannot be purchased at sco either)

on gen2 models the receipt sometimes stops printing right before the extrabucks barcode
hiro's toolbox can be used to reprint!

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