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extracare changes & glitches 10/2015

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  • easier card lookup at register - use your email or phone number. phone number can be entered on pinpad.

  • more paperless & send-to-card coupons opportunities!

  • cvs coupons over 14 days expired no longer accepted

glitches reported

  • the tallies for weekly/monthly deals & beauty club are rounding down if you don't complete the deal in one transaction.
    for example, you spend $9.99 towards a deal where you need to spend $20. the receipt will show $9.99 spent, as expected. but your next receipt will only show $9 spent. if you tried to complete the deal by spending $10.01 you would find that you did not spend enough because the $.99 from your first transaction was lost and you would have only $19.01 towards the deal.

  • extrabucks deducting a rounded down amount.
    for example, $9.99 extrabucks earned for buying the PayAnywhere credit card reader only deducted $9 when scanned.

  • extrabucks printing a rounded down amount.
    for example, the PayAnywhere credit card reader which is supposed to generate $9.99 in extrabucks only printed $9 in extrabucks.

  • using an app coupon may void all paper coupons

please comment with any register issues you are having

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