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06/04 - 06/10

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05/21 - 05/27

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kotex u liners 40-50 ct, pads 14-22 ct, & tampons 15-18 ct (select) $3.99
includes Fitness Compact Tampons 15 ct, Fitness Pads 13/15 ct, & Fitness Liners 64 ct!

05/28 - 06/03

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digital manufacturer coupons

digital manufacturer coupons coming to cvs in 05/2017

  • digital man. coupons will be available in the cvs app and on
    coupons must be sent to card to use

  • digital man. coupons will should automatically apply to any eligible items in transaction

  • paper man. coupons will still be accepted
    only one man. coupon (paper or digital) may be applied to an item.
    man. coupons may still be combined with store coupons.

  • the cashier will not be able to view digital man. coupons that have been sent to card.
    they may be viewed by the customer in the "saved to card" screen in the cvs app.