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everything you need to get the best deals at cvs

cvs excel spreadsheet v 2.0 : free download


use the "chart" tab to track your overall savings

use the new "transactions" tabs to work out your shopping list

♥ white areas are for you to fill in
♥ gray areas will calculate automatically
♥ change the tax rate to your state's tax rate
♥ enter the amount of extrabucks you have to begin with to keep track of how much you have remaining
♥ you can copy the chart or transaction tabs when you need more (right click tab, choose "move or copy", check "create a copy", & select where you want the new tab to appear.) welcomes participation from readers!
please keep the following guidelines in mind when commenting...
1. no personal attacks or insults.
2. no advocating coupon fraud.
thank you! erica