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Bic Soleil, Twilight or Citron Shaver 4-pack $2 (7-13-08) SS 06/01/08

Cvs pantiliners 22ct. 99 cents, Free after ECB Limit 2

buy 2 revlon hair brush or accessory and get 5ECB Limit 3 (hair accessories 4.99/5.99/6.99, hair brush 9.99)
Revlon Beauty Tool, any $1 (7-31-08) SS 4/13/08
Revlon Beauty Tool, any $1 (8-6-08) SS 4/6/08
Revlon Beauty Tool, any $1 (9-18-08) SS 5/18/08

buy goody styling therapy hair brush and get 3ECB Limit 3 (11.99)

buy nexus hair brush get 3 ECB Limit 3 (14.99)

buy clairol perfect 10 hair color get 5ECB Limit 1 (13.99)
Clairol Nice n Easy Hair Color Product, any $2 (7-31-08) V 6/8/08
Clairol Perfect 10, Nice n Easy, Root Touch-Up, Gray Solution, etc. $2 (7-31-08)p&g 7/6/08

buy Dr. miracles hair care product get 2ECB Limit 3 (8.99)

buy 3 Essence of Beauty liquid handsoap 12 oz get 5ECB Limit 5 ($4.99)

buy Softsoap Spa 18oz get 2ECB LIMIT 5 (at least $4.99 - 12oz)

buy Emerald Mist Body Wash 20oz get 1ECB LIMIT 5 (3.99)

buy Neutrogena Wave Deep Clean Refill 30ct get 2ECB LIMIT 5 (7.99)
$3 off Neutrogena Wave Refills

buy CVS cleansing towelettes get 1ECB Limit 5 (2.99 blue package, 3.29-3.49 green exfoliating type)

buy Curel Hand and Cuticle or Foot Cream 3.5 oz get 2ECB LIMIT 5 (5.49)

buy any Stridex get 1.50ECB LIMIT 4 (3.99 / 6.99)
Stridex Product, any $1 (9-30-08) V 6/1/08

buy Odor Eaters Spray, Powder, Insoles get 1ECB LIMIT 5 (5.79 for the powder/spray, 9.99 for the inserts)

buy Mycocide Nail Care 1 oz get 3ECB LIMIT 5 (17.99)

buy 2 sure anti antiperspirant 2.602.7 oz get 3ECB Limit 3 (2.79)
Sure Product, any $1 (8-16-08) SS 5/11/08
Sure Invisible or Original Solid B1G1F up to $2.99 (rxp 9-30-08) SS 6/29/08
Sure, Deodorant, $1 off, Printable

buy naturally fresh deoderant roll on 3 oz get 1ECB Limit 5

buy surgi or andrea products get 1ECB Limit 5

buy bic soleil single razor AND 4ct refill (packaged together or buy separately)$13.98 get 5ECB Limit 4
Bic Soleil System Razor or Cartridge Refills, any 4 or 8 pack $4 (7-27-08) SS 6/22/08
Bic, Soliel, Razor or Ctrdge, $2 off, Printable

buy any bod man fragrance product get 1ECB Limit 5

buy Grecian 5 mustache and beard or hair color for men get 1ECB Limit 5

buy Blade Shower Gel 12 oz get 1ECB LIMIT 5 ($3.99)

buy Colgate Oral Base or Peroxyl products get 1ECB LIMIT 3 (6.49)

buy Plus White 5 Minute Whitening System get 3ECB LIMIT 2 (10.49)

buy 2 Trident Xtra Care Sugarless gum 14ct get 1ECB LIMIT 5 (1.49) <- found by the register, not in the gum/candy aisle
-$0.75 on any single Trident xtra care gum All You Magazine Aug. Edition
B1G1 up to $1.49 Trident Xtra Care gum, x12/15/08 (tearpad found on Xtra care gum display a few months ago - at Walgreen's, I think)

buy Act Restoring Mouthwash 33.8 oz get 2ECB LIMIT 5 (5.49)
-$1 off Act
-$1 off act

buy Natural Dentist Oral Rinse get 2ECB LIMIT 5 (9.99)
-$2 off (pdf)
-$5 off EXP 6/30/2008 (pdf)

buy Anbesol 0.25 oz - 0.41 oz get 1ECB LIMIT 5 (7.99)
Anbesol, $1 off, Printable

buy diabetic tussin mucus relief 50 ct get 6ECB Limit 3
Diabetic-Tussin, $2 off, Printable

buy lipreve cold sore relief 8 ct get 3ECB Limit 5

buy cardioChek portable blood test system get 20ECB Limit 2

buy UTI home screening test get 1ECB Limit 5

buy vagisil deoderant powder get 1ECB Limit 5

Buy Zestra 9 ct get 4 ECB Limit 5

buy Ephedra free stacker 2 or 3 100ct. get 5ECB Limit 5

buy Cuur weight loss system 90ct get 20ECB Limit 3

buy Stuart prenatal supplement 100ct get 5ECB Limit 5
request coupon

buy just once naturals womens, mens, or prenatal 50ct get 2ECB Limit 3

buy super-strength blue-emu 4oz get 2ECB Limit 5

buy 2 Wellpatch Pain Relief Pads 2-4ct or Heat Wraps 2ct get 6ECB LIMIT 5 (5.99)

buy scar zone 1oz get 3ECB Limit 5
Scar Zone, $1 off, Printable

buy Thera-gesic Pain Relieving Creme, 3 oz, get 2ECB LIMIT 5 (4.99)

buy tecnu skin cleanser 4oz or calagel 6oz with free 2oz get 1ECB Limit 5

buy ivarest medicated anti-itch cream 2oz get 1ECB Limit 5

buy nexcare bandages waterproof 10-20ct or heavy duty 30ct get 1ECB Limit 5

buy following anti itch relief products listed get 1ECB Limit 5
benadryl, cortaid, band-aid, aveeno, caladryl, netutrogena .47-6oz, wipes 6ct or poison ivy care kit
-$1 Benadryl Topical Product, any rp 4/27/08
$7.00 off 1 Cortaid poison ivy care treatment kit
-$2 off cortaid poison ivy care toxin removal cloths

buy sleep fast 30ct or sleep md 10ct get 1ECB Limit 5

buy any Lactaid fast act Chewables or Caplets 32-60 ct get 3ECB LIMIT 5 (14.99)
-$1.50 Lactaid Fast Act Dietary Supplement (9-22-08) V 6/22/08
Lactaid, Fast Act Dietary Supplements, $1 off, Printable

buy pledge furniture polish 12.5 oz or multi surface 16oz get 1ECB Limit 5
Pledge Furniture Care Product, any $2/2 (7-6-08) SS 5/11/08
Pledge Product FREE, any up to $4.99 wyb Pledge Aerosol (8-10-08) SS 6/15/08

buy glade plugins refill 1-3ct, scented oil candle refill 3ct or candle 4 oz get 1ECB Limit 5
Glade PlugIns Scented Oil Refills, any $1 on 2 (7-19-08) SS 6/8/08
Glade PlugIns Scented Oil Warmer, any B1G1F up to $8.50 (7-19-08) SS 6/8/08
Glade, Plug Ins, $1 off Any, Printable

buy maxell cd-r music 10pkl get 1ecb Limit 5

BUY MAXELL CD-R 80 MIN 10 PK GET 1ecb Limit 5

buy 2 pepsi, mug rootbeer, mountain dew, lipton or slice 20oz get 1ECB Limit 5
-Buy 1 20oz Lipton Tea get 1 20oz Lipton White Tea free -current cvs cooler tearpad 10/31/08
-Buy two (2) Pepsi-Cola 20 oz. products/Get one (1) Pepsi-Cola 20 oz. Free (max value $1.49), tearpad, exp. 7/7/08.

buy 2 diet 7up, dr. pepper, a&w or sunkist 20oz get 1ECB Limit 5

buy 2 dasani original, plus or sensations 20oz get 1ECB Limit 5
Dasani or Evian, $1 off, Printable
-Save .50 any(1) 20oz Dansani Plus- cvs cooler tearpad 11/15/08
-Save 1.00 any(2) 20oz Coca-Cola product- cvs cooler tearpad 08/31/08
-Free Nestea 20oz any flavor when you buy any 20oz Coca-Cola product- cvs cooler tearpad 11/30/08

buy 2 java monster 15oz get 1ECB Limit 5

buy 2 lipton tea products liste get 3ECB Limit 2
Lipton Tea Bags, Lipton To Go or any Iced Tea Mix, any .75/2 (8-2-08) V 5/18/08
Lipton To Go or Iced Tea Mix, any .60 (8-2-08) V 5/18/08

buy 2 baby bottle pop candy 1.1 get 1ECB Limit 5

FREE after ECB Cvs tampons 5ct (1.49) Limit 2

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