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"There are a couple of Olay items on clearance. We have a $2 dg or $2 ip on P&G site. Makes a nice filler. This is the one I bought." - SummertimeK

"Forgot to mention also that there are a lot of foot insoles on clearance 75% off. I had a $3 off insoles crt so it worked out good for me. Dr. Scholls and cvs brand. The dr Scholl was $3.37 and the cvs was $4.24." - SummertimeK

"Bolo for clearance candy and gum. Make good fillers for threshold crts." - SummertimeK

"If anyone has a soda stream be on lookout for clearance. I think they may be discontinuing the product in my store. I know people have commented they like bubbly. The soda stream does have the bubbly products." - SummertimeK

"I took this puc today when i visited the store that usually has cl erance but it was all gone." - Dealtime

"Clearance: Megared Omega-3 Algae Oil 50 ct $10.29. $7 mc (don't remember which insert) or recent $5 ip. CASH and $5 ibotta." - AddictedtoCVS

"Centrum women minis are on clearance, they're in a box. Hot posted about them last week. I found these pics i took a while ago, maybe some others are still on clearance" - munchkin77 @ slickdeals

"downy ultra cool cotton 34 oz $1.69 @75% off
I think it might be item 277064 although the picture is wrong on the website
Receipt says Downy F&G which I interpret as free & gentle (although it's clearly dyed & scented)

dr scholl's women's inserts -- $2 dq is a match
264092 Dr. Scholl's Stylish Step Ball of Foot Cushion for High Heels, 1 PR $2.62 @75% off
264112 Dr. Scholl's Stylish Step Clear Cushioning Insoles for Flats, Size 6 to 10, 1 PR $3.49 @75% off"
- Nipsy_C @ slickdeals

"Saw these on clearance." - SummertimeK

"One a day Gummies are now a Moneymaker after Fetch. My 2nd account got it and it’s limit 3. Used $4 MFR." - Mary Ha

"Not sure if CVS is parting away with Nature Made or it's a store specific thing, today in one of my CVS I noticed that all Nature Made vitamins are marked 50% off." - hot2004 @ slickdeals

"Centrum men multigummies , 100 count clearance $3.94 - $3.00 DQ , IB $4. Stores around me clearance % are not same, some go 75% early , other store takes weeks before they go 75/90%" - Pan

"Several Irwin Naturals vitamins at 75% off. One a Day vitamins 75% off . Also saw 75% off for the Gold emblem ghost pepper chips amd a few other snacks." - Kp

"Don’t know if store specific. But these come up 75% off." - guest 22

"Sorry my phone keeps crashing when I tried to take multiple photos. There are 13 different products from Sealy that are all 75% off." - guest 22

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