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SOPA would give government and corporations unprecedented power to censor countless websites and stifle free speech.

    the bill would allow individuals and companies to cut off financial support from websites by sending a claim of infringement to payment providers or ad networks. no proof, police, courts, or due process required.

    the claim of infringement could be completely bogus, but the payment processors and ad networks have no obligation to investigate before cutting off the accused site. in fact, it would be in their best interest to cut the site off or risk being held responsible for copyright infringement themselves.

    There's no penalty for anyone whose claims might be found to be bogus and little recourse for the accused website.

how would this affect

    what if cvs makes another claim of copyright infringement against (they have already made the false claim that simply posting links to their pages is copyright infringement.)

    what if a similar cvs or deals website decides to use this method to eliminate their competition?

    what if a store employee who dislikes couponers decides to make a claim?

    what if an reader posts a link to a cvs coupon or counterfeit coupons in the comments area?

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