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more info on the facebook coupons

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those of you who got the facebook coupons someplace other than facebook may have received some coupons that were not offically released to the public. please see the list below of coupons which were available on facebook for a limited time.

it would seem that any additional coupons were either acquired though a hack of their development system or leaked from someone working there. i'm not sure if the leaked coupons "work," but out of consideration for the company, i would not suggest using them.

these are the official facebook coupons:

Jetset Energy Mixers

St. Ives Body Lotion

Gillette Series Shaving Gel

Mint Milano Cookies

Vitamin Water

Kellogg's Special K

California Pizza Kitchen

Pantene Pro V

Lean Cuisine

Cranberry Juice Cocktail

Sargento Sliced Provolone

Bagel Bites

Cheez-it Crackers

Orbit Gum

Skintimate Shaving Gel

Hershey's Extra Dark Chocolate

updated 8/19: added these 2 after i found out that they had been available on facebook as well:

Fiji Water

Mach 3

as a sidenote, please do not email me about sending you these coupons. i have been asked by vyrl mkt to remove these coupons from the site and i am aware of their concerns about exceeding print limits, so i will not be distributing them any further.

if you have questions for vyrl mkt, you can contact them here