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statement from "check it out" regarding facebook coupons

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Dear Check It Out User,
Thank you for all your excitement and enthusiasm regarding the launch of our facebook application Check It Out!

As you know, we are dedicated to providing amazing deals. Please be aware that someone has hacked into our development database of our coupon offers, placed our offers in pdf files and is now distributing them throughout the internet. The majority of these coupons were not for distribution. They were strictly to be used for sales and marketing demonstrations. Such offers, because they are copies / reproductions, are considered fraudulent and are not permitted, please do not attempt to use them.

All the offers that were properly printed through our facebook application can be redeemed. ANY copy of any coupon or anything printed or reproduced from any other source other than through the authorized Facebook application may not be accepted at the register.

We are working with ALL industry players to address this issue and are saddened by the fact that a few can try to ruin it for the many.
We hope to resolve these issues quickly so we can keep the good deals coming!
Thank you for your support!

Check It Out Management

you can reply to their statement on facebook