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07/01 - 07/07 crt's

    expire one week from day printed...

  • Cortaid Anti Itch Cream FREE (up to $5.99)
    warning: cortaid may be priced $6.29 in some locations

  • herbal essences or aussie hair care $1 off 2

  • Physicians Formula $15 off

  • snickers 2togo or m&m tear and share 2.83 oz+ $.30 off 2

    expire two weeks from day printed...

  • Carmex Moisture Plus Sheer Pink or Sheer Peach $2 off

  • Clear Shampoo or Conditioner $1 off

  • colgate toothbrush $.75 off

  • Coppertone Wet N Clear $6 off

  • coppertone sport pro series $6 off

  • Facial Skin Care $4 off $20

  • Huggies Pull-Ups 42 ct + $4 off

  • Nuance Salma Hayek Hair Care Trial Size Free (up to $3.75)

  • olay facial $3 off

  • Prilosec $7 off

  • pronutrients omega gels 100 ct $3 off

  • Sally Hansen Salon Effects $3 off

  • Schick Hydro Silk Women's Razor $5 off

  • Tide liquid $3 off $10

  • Vitamins (any) $3 off

  • Vitamins (any) $4 off $20

  • Vitamins (any) $5 off $10

    expire one month from day printed...

  • Root Touch up Hair Color (any) $2 off

  • Suave Lotion $1 off

  • ZzzQuil 24 oz or 48 ct $3 off

crt stands for cash register tape. crt's are cvs coupons that print from the coupon center or at the end of your receipt. more info here

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generally, coupon offers received seem to decline the more you shop at cvs. however, it may also be the case that certain cards are just lucky or unlucky. more info here

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