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06/20 - 06/26 crt's

the following coupons may print from the coupon center or at the end of your receipt and expire 2 weeks from the day they are printed. you may or may not receive these coupons!
  • $3 off $20

  • $4 off $20
    valid 3 days only

  • 10% off your purchase
    valid 3 days only, excludes sale items

  • Benefiber $3 off

  • colgate sensitive $1.50 off

  • Colgate Total Twin Pack $1 off
      -$1 Colgate Total Advanced Whitening, Total Enamel Strength, Total Advanced Clean or Total Advanced Fresh Toothpaste (4 oz or larger) (exp 062610) 060610 ss buy coupon

    • Coppertone Sunscreen $2.50 off

    • Coppertone WaterBabies or Kids Sunscreen $3 off

    • cvs moisturizing shave cream $.30 off

    • CVS Therapeutic Shave Gel $1 off

    • digital prints $2 off 50

    • Dove Chocolate bar Free or $2 off Dove Chocolate Candy 8.5 oz +
      automatically deducts $2

    • Dove chocolate candy 8.5 oz + $1 off

    • Dove Ultimate Clear Deodorant $1 off

    • Eclipse gum 12 ct $.50 off

    • essence of beauty bath $3 off

    • Hershey 19.75 oz big bags $2 off

    • Huggies Little Swimmers $2 off

    • M&M's, any $.50 off
        -M&Ms Buy 1 bag and get 1 bag of M&M’s Pretzel Choc Candies free 062710 rp
        -$.75 off 2 M&M's Bags of Chocolate Candies (1.14-1.74 oz) 062010 rp buy coupon

    • m&m's 11 oz + $1 off
        -M&Ms Buy 1 bag and get 1 bag of M&M’s Pretzel Choc Candies free 062710 rp

    • Poise pads 30-72 ct $2 off

    • Prevacid 24hr 28 ct + $3 off

    • Prilosec 42 ct $5 off

    • stomach remedy or vitamin purchase $3 off $15

    • Revlon Cosmetics $7 off $15

    • St. Ives skin care $2 off

    • Thermacare heat wraps 2 or 3 ct $1 off

    • Tums 25 ct + $2 off

    • Zyrtec 14 ct (only) $5 off
    these are the last 2 crt's to print and should print for everyone at the coupon center. these do not seem to print at the end of receipts - only from the scanner. keep scanning your card until you get these to be sure you have received all coupons available to you. once these print, you will not receive any more from the scanner for the day. these will expire one week from the day they are printed.
    • Bounty Towels 6 pack + $2 off
      this crt is now scanning correctly
        -$1 Bounty 6-roll ct. towels or larger OR Two (2) Towels or Napkins any size 060610 pg buy coupon
        -$.25 Bounty towel or napkins 060610 pg buy coupon

    • Gold Emblem Candy bags (excludes trial) $1 off 3

    how does cvs decide who to issue these coupons to?

    generally, coupon offers received seem to decline the more you shop at cvs. another factor may be whether or not you fill prescriptions at cvs, if so cvs may issue you more coupons to keep you as a customer. however, it may also be the case that certain cards are just lucky or unlucky.

    according to cvs...
    "The coupons you received are based on your shopping habits and frequency of visits. Some are supported by our suppliers... CVS continually modifies these targeted offers to provide products and services our customers want most." - Joseph E. Battey, CVS/pharmacy ExtraCare

    did you get any crt coupons this week
    that aren't listed here?
    please let me know, and i'll add them to the list!


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