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august free gift crt

according to cvs.com and the 8/2-8/8 ad, we'll be getting a crt for a freebie on or after 8/1. these print at the end of your receipt on your first purchase this month (will not print from the price scanner.) let us know what you get!

from cvs.com
"In August, the first time you use your ExtraCare card at any CVS/pharmacy store, check the bottom of your store register receipt for your coupon redeemable for a FREE GIFT!

Your coupon for a FREE GIFT will be valid for one week after receiving the printout."

so far we've gotten...
  • Absolutely Divine Chocolate bar 3.5 oz (Up to $1.99)

  • abs chocolate bar (up to $1.99)

  • cvs asprin (up to $3.69)

  • cvs batteries 4 pk (up to $4.29)

  • CVS chapblock chapstick (up to $.99, but most types cost $1.29!, look for "spearmint" for $.99 or clearanced chapblocks for $.25)

  • cvs brand ibuprofen 10-24 ct (up to 3.79 value)

  • CVS mouthwash 250 ml (up to $2.99 value)

  • CVS quilted 1 roll paper towel (up to $2.19)

  • cvs skin lotion (up to $1.69)

  • CVS toothbrush (up to $2.29)

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