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coupons emailed to some cvs cardholders 01/13

coupon links

♥ $5 off any Pure Black Rice product, exp 1/18 (excludes cleanser)

♥ $3 off any L'OrĂ©al Revitalift Deep Set Wrinkle Repair Day or Night Formulas, exp 1/18

♥ $5 off Skin Effects, exp 1/18 (excludes gentle foaming cleanser, deep-cleaning enzyme scrub, and trial size)

♥ $5 off Vickery & Clarke ($9.95 & up), exp 1/18

♥ $3 off $15, exp 1/18

♥ $4 off $20, exp 1/18

♥ $5 off $30, exp 1/18

anyone get anything else in their email this week?

my standard disclaimer:
the coupons for specific items (like the black rice and l'oreal) have been working for anyone in the past. the $/$$ coupons ($5 off $30, etc.) will beep "not for card" if they were not emailed to you. (but then again the $/$$ have a tendency to beep "not for card" even if they were emailed to you, because cvs has not perfected their system.) welcomes participation from readers!
please keep the following guidelines in mind when commenting...
1. no personal attacks or insults.
2. no advocating coupon fraud.
thank you! erica