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fla•vor•ice moneymaker (ymmv)

Flavor Ice giant pops 48 ct. $14.99 get 5.00 ECB limit 5

this was advertised back in may (5/11 - 5/17) but is still active. now that the flavorice appears to be marked down 75% in many stores, it can be quite a deal!

+$14.99 flavor ice 48 ct
-$11.24 75% off
=$3.75 oop
-$5 ecb received
=$1.25 profit ♥

so check your store, and don't worry so much whether its marked 75% off - scan for the price and find out for sure! welcomes participation from readers!
please keep the following guidelines in mind when commenting...
1. no personal attacks or insults.
2. no advocating coupon fraud.
thank you! erica