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how to print beauty handbook coupons

so everyone has been complaining (and rightfully so) about the ridiculous size of the coupons on so let me explain step by step, how i go about printing them.

there are easier ways, but i do it this way. i like to use pdf because this way you don't lose quality. poor quality can mean the coupon will no longer scan at the register and who wants that hassle?

1) download and install cutepdf writer, its free, useful, and cute!

2) download and install foxit reader its free and seems to run faster than adobe. my version of adobe does not have an "page scaling" print option, so i need to use this. perhaps newer or paid versions of adobe do include this option?

3) go to and click on the coupon you want. when the pop up window opens with the coupon click the print button. if you use ie, try what renee says:

I use IE, so I have this problem with these coupons also. In the 7.0 version, there is now a small printer image right above the webpage you are viewing. It is where your tabs appear. If you click on the down arrow next to the printer, there is an option for PRINT PREVIEW. Click on that and then in the last drop down on the page, reduce the size to 50% and click on the printer icon.

If you don't see the area in the tabs area that I am talking about, you can select PRINT PREVIEW from your File menu at the top of IE.

if you do use internet explorer, why not download firefox? even if you really prefer ie, it never hurts to have another browser to try when something is not working right in the one you are using.

4) near the top of the print options window there is a drop-down menu for the printer you want to use. now that you have installed cutepdf writer, it should be listed as one of your choices. select cutepdf writer and click print.

5) it may take a second... then cutepdf will prompt you to indicate where you want to save the pdf and what you want to call it. so name it and select someplace where you will be able to find it, like your desktop.

6) now open the pdf you just saved (with foxit) resize the window and play with the scrollbars until only the portion of the image you want to print is visible. like this:

(you think i don't hear you laughing at my desktop?)

7) now click print and change the options to
♥ printer name: cutepdf writer
♥ print range: current view
♥ page scaling: 75%
♥ auto center: un-checked
click ok

8) ...cutepdf will prompt you to indicate where you want to save the pdf and what you want to call it. so now you might want to name it blahblah_cropped and again, select someplace where you will be able to find it, like your desktop.

9) now you have a saved pdf of the resized and cropped coupon. you can open it and print without having to mess around with the options again. useful if you want to print more as you need them.

hope this was clear and useful!

p.s. it would be a lot easier if i could just post the resized cropped version, wouldn't it? but that would be illegal. cvs, if you are listening, why don't you tell to fix their craptastic website so that the coupons are a reasonable size? welcomes participation from readers!
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2. no advocating coupon fraud.
thank you! erica