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3/23 - 3/29 weekly ecb deals

Nabisco Cookies: Nilla Wafers, Chips Ahoy or Fig Newtons 12-16 oz
You pay: 2/$5
(limit of 1)

Russell Stover Private Reserve: Triple chocolate mousse or vanilla bean brulee 4.5 oz
Buy 2 @ $3.29
ECB'S: $3
(limit of 5)

Revlon: Buy any (1) new Revlon item shown in ad
Colorstay Mineral Eye Shadow $7.99
Colorstay Mineral Foundation or Blush $11.99
Custom Creations Foundation $9.99
ECB'S: $2
(limit of 5)

CVS/pharmacy Highly Defining Skin Care: 1.7-5 oz (prices starting at $8.49)
Buy 2
ECB's: $5
(limit of 1)

ALL TRESemme Hair Care:
Buy $9.90 (not the full $10 as advertised!)
ECB'S: $5
(limit of 5)

Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste: Whitening paste, gel or advanced fresh 4-4.2 oz
You pay: $2.99
ECB'S: $2.99
(limit of 5)
March monthly deal

Bengay Pain Relief: Patches 2-5 ct or cream 4 oz
You pay:$6.99
ECB'S: $2
(limit of 1)

Clear Care Contact Solution: 12 oz
You pay: $7.99
ECB'S: $3
(limit of 1)
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