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new restrictions implemented for cvs coupon usage

"coupon limit has been reached" register software program has recently been installed/updated in some CVS regions. It will limit your card to using 1, 2, 3 etc etc of same coupon in a 24, 48 or 72 hr time frame (this includes CVS Product Coupons, Diabetes Handbook Coupons).
The program can restrict $2, $3, $4, $5, $10, $15 off in a quantity or time frame. (If like value coupons are used the register may add $ instead of subtracting because the $ off has reached the limit).

A lead cashier, duty manager or anyone with the correct coding on their key card can over-ride just about anything this software tries to block or restrict.

How the program works:
its usually set at three per card @ 24 hrs. (its a full 24 hrs) but it can be set to any parameter the regional manager wants. There is also a transaction # that can be set to allow like coupons to be used by manual code or barcode. (If CVS has 2 $2/$10 released the transaction will be set to 2 with different manual codes or barcodes) Transaction parameters also have a selection for regional.

(u = usage, t = time, < = less than, > greater than)
$X/XX u-3 x t-24 hrs
product mfg coupons u-no limit x t-0
cvs product < $4.99 u-3 x t-24
cvs product > $5 but < $19.99 u-3 x t-72 hrs or longer
cvs product > $20 but < $49.99 u-3 x t-72 hrs or longer
cvs product > or equal to $50 u-1 x mgr key + t-72 hrs or longer
cvs ecb coupon u-no limit x t-0

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2. no advocating coupon fraud.
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