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credo mobile

CREDO is a mobile phone company just like AT&T or Verizon except they give 1% of their revenues away to non-profits like Doctors Without Borders, and they've given away over $60 million over the last twenty years. They also do progressive activism on issues like protecting the environment and working to end the war in Iraq.

So why am I telling you about some phone company? Because they offered us a pretty sweet deal. Here's how it works:

If you sign up to be a CREDO customer, they'll cover the cancellation fee on your existing mobile contract and give you a free phone, plus they'll give me $100 for referring you. Pretty good, right?

You can get all the details here.

If you decide to sign up, just do the following:

♥ call 1-877-76CREDO.
♥ give them this special offer code: 800333
♥ let them know I sent you by giving them my personalized coupon code ZJXYZ

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