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is nail polish a "cosmetic" ?

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does revlon consider nail polish a cosmetic?
yes they do!

in fact, they often picture nail polish
on their coupons for “color cosmetics."

unfortunately, revlon coupons are not coded to work on most of their nail polishes!
so even though it is correct use of a revlon cosmetic coupon, the coupon will most likely beep and you will have to rely on the cashier being willing to enter the coupon manually.

there are a small number of revlon nail polishes that the cosmetic coupons will work on without beeps
look for polish with a barcode that starts with "0997" like the barcode on the coupon. if your store has separate displays with new colors you'll probably have luck with those varieties. look for the bottles with barcodes on the handle rather than on the bottom of the bottle.