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cvs clearance
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"The dove digital qs got me all confused….. so this week we only get new DQs for 2/(2)- degree/dove/dmc deo, not the 5/(2)- like the one expired on 7/13, correct? So technically we have 2 identical DQs 2/(2)- one expires on 7/20, and one on 7/23 that work on dry spray deo.
So, I found the degree “unlimited” spray deo clearances @2.87 (75%-) , buying 2 and both DQs will come off, so 87¢ each. Then there’s a $2- DQ for degree stick déo, and the same ”unlimited “ kind is $2.49 (75%-) so 49¢."
- guest 22

"Lone toy at 75% off."
- SASHANENE @ slickdeals

"Be careful if you’re buying the clean & clear facial wash. I remember seeing the $10.29 fw on clearance at stores around me."
- jacqui

"Clearance $3.74. The $7 dg comes off on two. Submit to IB $5. $4.50 mm. Lots of clearance going on in Cold and Flu. Some varieties of Theraflu and Vicks Cold & Flu 75% off"
- SummertimeK

clearance tips:

  • clearance availability and discount varies from store to store
  • clearance items do not count towards extrabucks deals
  • clearance items may not be included in store inventory counts
    Instacart may be useful for checking item availability and in-store prices

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