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cvs clearance
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"75%-80% off." - SASHANENE @ slickdeals

"I’m going to throw out one more really good clearance item. Originally $47.99. 75% off $11.99 There is a $7 tear pad or MQ. There is also IB, SH and SB offers." - SummertimeK

"Wow, found a store located in a touristy hipster area that had nearly-full stock of Easter at 90% off! Candy was 50% with very little left. The Discount Easter Bunny does exist!!" - ireneY

"Raw sugar Lemon hand wash clearance @ 1.39. IB: $1, L5." - Katie King

"Tonic water clearance" - onlyLogical
"My store has them on 80% off @$1.08 buttttt… they taste kind of awful 😂" - guest 22

"Oh and the Hartz pee pee pads were 50% off in case you are in need of those for the Lil guy.
50 pads and I should say they were 70% off. Reg $17.49 clearance $5.24" - SummertimeK

"A few clearance items I used as fillers for my TH. Beneful 12 pk 70% off $6.74. Single Beneful 50% off $1.14 Sharpie 75% off $2.07 CVS Acetaminophen 75 % off $1.45 Tums 75% off $2.19 and Mott’s juice 75% off $1.05. Get $.50 for single and 12 pk Beneful IB Get $.50 CVS pain and $1.50 DQ for Tums." - SummertimeK

"Few random toys that are 75% off with easter clearance" - munchkin77 @ slickdeals

"75% off" - SASHANENE @ slickdeals

"Snack lovers: 10oz Gold Emblem Cajun Blend Trail Mix (263363) and Asian Blend Trail Mix (263629) were on clearance for $1.24 at my store - a whole big shopping cart full of 'em. I bought a couple to use as filler for my $10off/$30, but my $5/$20 Raw Sugar DQ didn't come off....grrr....but still a great price on the snack mixes!" - amybeth

"Since you mentioned probiotics I came across this deal the other day by chance becuz i got a $6 off any probiotics crt. I found this on clearance for 90% off @ $2.54 at my store. I bought 3 and there’s a $3 cb @ibotta, so I got $9 back. 😂 nice surprise! ( limit is 5) Hope this helps someone 😃" - guest 22

"Tonic water clearance" - onlyLogical

"School supplies clearance" - onlyLogical

"If you get essie crts, I found this display w/6 colors on clearance @ $2.50" - kim*m

"Clearance Finds" - Mark

"More clearance. Hope im not repeating....
Unisom PM pain $11.29 75% off ($2.82) and $3 ib 794376
Scotch masking tape $4.69 80% off (.93) 452878
Scotch 3m gift wrap tape $5.99 80% off ($1.19) 292853
Off backyard $18.49 75% off ($4.62) 178731
Raid max bed bug spray $19.79 90% off $1.97 360047 (cheap but I hope no one needs this!)"
- Jay Kaye

"I would have done the Trubiotics with $7eb deal except they were clx at $11.xx so no eb and no % crt working on it."
- Ace

clearance tips:

  • clearance availability and discount varies from store to store
  • clearance items do not count towards extrabucks deals
  • clearance items may not be included in store inventory counts
    Instacart may be useful for checking item availability and in-store prices

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