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"Best Clearance Find In A While
2 Pack Pataday - $41.49
On Clearance For $8.29 Less $5 Q Exp 03/28 = $3.29"
- Mark

"Flonase 96ct Caplets is on clearance @ $2.79. I paid with $3 ECB (added a small filler), redeemed $8 from Shopmium instantly. Alexa also has the $8 cash back, unfortunately I was able to find only 1 bottle.
I believe the $8 dq can be used on 3 (x $2.79), if you can find them. This would be very good towards a TH crt."
- Katie King

"I just did a little clearance haul this week. After IB just $1.59 . If Olia resets maybe a little better."
"The color I picked was on clearance for $3.37. We had a dq for buy two get $5 off and I had an IB for $2 off one. Tiny little MM."
- SummertimeK

"What is up with the Tide product clearance? I saw some stores went to 80% off on 2/20.

I checked 5 stores today one had the 80% off tags up but no product left. Next 4 stores had either no tags up or tags dated 2/6 with 25% off. Price checked all items and all were either full price or only 25% off.

Also seems like item selection at CVS in these categories is really poor compared to Walgreens and Rite Aid."
- storewanderer

thanks to SASHANENE @ slickdeals

"For those who are watching the Flonase 96 tablets, they are down to 2.89 at my stores with $5 ibotta." - another Sue

"All Valentine's clearance is 50% off." - LikesToLurk @ slickdeals

"The otis night guard is 90% off $9.99 here. Air wick refills also clearanced so check prices if you want EB." - raindoge

"some clearance items:
Native TP for sensitive teeth 717453 80% off $10.99 ($2.19)
Off! defense aerosol 354896 70% off $14.99 ($4.49)
Off! plant based repellent wipes 21381 70% off $11.99 ($3.59)
Poligrip free travel (in oral/dental aisle not travel/trial at my store) 978581 70% off $2.89 (89 cents)
Otis Custom Night Guard 419544 75% off $99.99 ($24.99)
Eos, Chapstick and Burt's bee lip balm at register counter 75% off
Act MW 50% off $4.99 ($2.49) $1.25 mq and $2/2 mq 1/28 smart source; $1/1 dq
I think it has already been mentioned that some Tide Detergent is on clearance. My store was oos on the 60% off but I got 40% off 92 oz with $3 dq came to $7.19. I used some expiring ebs on that and the Act MW."
- Jay Kaye

"the 1.39 healthy clean tb are on clearance at my store. 10% off..... so 1.25 ... buy 4 use 5.00 oral b digital ... =Free" - jerimy

"Forgot to write down sku but here is a pic
Not sold online anymore but $3 DQ still works
Venus Serum - $3.25 Less $3.00 DQ = $.25 plus tax" - Mark

"Last week I got 7 persil ( clearanced at $4.11) for $2.11 each with the $2 q. I wish the coupon hadn't expired so I could buy more as I find them this week." - cindy

"This Tide is on clearance 60% off. So $6.79 less $3 dq. Percil with the orange label and Gain tropical were also clearance. They were tagged 20% off but 60% came off. The small orange bottle of beads was also clearance and we have $1.50 IB." - SummertimeK

clearance tips:

  • clearance availability and discount varies from store to store
  • clearance items do not count towards extrabucks deals
  • clearance items may not be included in store inventory counts
    Instacart may be useful for checking item availability and in-store prices

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