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cvs clearance
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"The Wella Hair Paints that Jay Kaye posted in December are still on clearance at my store. $2.12" - SummertimeK

"Here are a couple clearance items. We have a $2 off 2 Playtex DQ that works on these."
- SummertimeK

"The Flonase went to 90% off in case you have anymore coupons left." - SummertimeK

"Chapstick mango 75% off (54 cents)" - Jay Kaye

"Here are some additional Chapstick flavors and some hydration packets that are inexpensive fillers." - SummertimeK

thanks to wsaver

"This kids toothpaste is also a decent filler and there is a $1 Shopmium for it. Expires in 6 days. The bag of Starburst also a nice little filler." - SummertimeK

"BOLO for the Burt's Eyes lip balm limited edition flavors Shortbread cookies, Maple something, Salted Caramel. They are on clearance at .99-1.12 each. Nice fillers in my book.
Also Scunci black velvet headband with gold mini chains and sparkly "diamonds" are $2.50. Granddaughters will be thrilled."
- another Sue

"Saw these American Dreams dolls at 75% clearance." - SASHANENE @ slickdeals
"Burts bees .99 - 1.12 each
Scunci $2.50"
- gardengal @ slickdeals

"There's another Scunci headband, also $2.50, from that same display. It is silver and looks like it has 'diamonds' and 'pearls' attached to it." - schnauzermomma @ slickdeals

"I asked my store manager last week if they’d go to 90% this year and if yes when and he said they’re not doing 90%, they’ll send them back after 75%. But he was very nice to offer me 90% off as a customer appreciation so I took the offer and got all the creme shop masks 😂 so no harm asking. But remember to go to the top person as I was told by supervisors they don’t have the authority to go to 90% themselves. ( this is from the same fav store)"
- guest 22

"New Ibotta offers for Pantene
$2 Nutrient Blends Sh/Cd
$4/2 Pro-V Miracles Sh/Cd
$4/2 Miracle Rescue Products

These are on clearance at stores.
NB Ricewater Shampoo $2.24, got $2 back Ibotta.
Paid $.24

Also new $1/2 GM Cereal DQ today:
(2) GM Cereal $1.99 =$3.98
-$1/2 DQ
-$1/2 DQ
$1.98, get back $1 Ibotta

I'd keep eye on Ibotta this week as well as new DQ's popping up as we are past the holidays.... I believe next Sunday will be many IP's, DQ's to clip/print. The inserts this weekend look pretty good."
- JLee48

clearance tips:

  • clearance availability and discount varies from store to store
  • clearance items do not count towards extrabucks deals
  • clearance items may not be included in store inventory counts
    Instacart may be useful for checking item availability and in-store prices

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