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"some photos of 75% clearance items I was able to snag" - gardengal @ slickdeals

"...summer snacks are now 75% off.

Welch's fruit snacks 40ct 2.20
Kind granola 2.xx
Kind bars 20ct 5.45
Kind bars pride/hero 2.50
Rind fruit 1.20-1.25
Wonderful pistachios 3.74?? iirc

Kind also has small tubs of nuts and tail mix that are around 2.20-2.25 depending on the flavor. The skittles popsicles are .87, and I think the others are included but I didn't scan them." - buttorskotch @ slickdeals

"Found a variety of clearance at my store today! For the playing cards, the blue Star Wars cards are 3.24, the red victorian cards are 2.49, and the purple marquis cards are 1.44. The packs had lost their hanging stickies." - VJEA

"Small clearance filler:
I can still board my flight with old (printed) and new (stc) at cashier" - Nana

"This may have been mentioned but lots of insect repellent and sprays are 75% clx. Off! Kids was 2.19. I bought 2 and $3 digital applied. Also $3 ibotta rebates. Raid House & Garden was 2.15 and a $2 digital applied. Also $2 ibotta. Both have SH reimbursements as well." - savannahm0m

"Looked like almost the entire "automotive" dept was 75% off clearance
Also burts bee dog oatmeal shampoo reg $11.99, clearance price $2.99" - Jay Kaye

"If you need some small little fillers, check around the sco machines for some clearance. Nuts, jerky, mints and gum. Here are a couple." - SummertimeK

"If you are doing L’Oréal makeup deal and want ecb check to make sure nothing on clearance. This one was." - SummertimeK

"A couple other clearances I saw." - SummertimeK

"These were on clearance at my store for $2.25. I had $2 tear pads to use on them. I also just received an email for $1 off Dove. My store only had the one variety on clearance but Star has in her video her store had two varieties on clearance." - SummertimeK

clearance tips:

  • clearance availability and discount varies from store to store
  • clearance items do not count towards extrabucks deals
  • clearance items may not be included in store inventory counts
    Instacart may be useful for checking item availability and in-store prices

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