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cvs: what about extrabucks?

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as we fight the coronavirus outbreak, it is understood that to help give doctors, hospitals, police, schools, and vaccine-manufacturers time to prepare and respond, without becoming overwhelmed, we should try to slow the spread by staying at home when possible.

members of the cvs extracare loyalty program can do their part by staying out of cvs stores during this time. however, customers who have extrabucks rewards feel pressured to redeem the rewards they have earned before they expire or before stay-at-home orders are issued in their states.

cvs competitors, such as walgreens and rite aid have recognized this situation and taken actions such as extending expiration dates and offering free shipping with no minimum orders.

but cvs has not extended expiration dates for their rewards and shopping from home on is not a very good alternative as there is very limited inventory on hand & gift cards are not being accepted at this time.

if you agree that cvs should do its part to help to discourage its customers from going into the public during the coronavirus outbreak, by extending expiration dates on extrabucks and/or improving online ordering, please take a moment to sign my petition and/or post to social media. using the hashtag #whataboutextrabucks will help others find your posts and like/retweet.
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