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purchase-based coupon policy 10/2015

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when using a purchase-based coupon you must spend the required amount, after all other coupons and extrabucks have been deducted
according to Alexis at CVS Customer Relations as well as Nathanael, a supervisor in the ExtraCare department, cvs no longer accepts purchase-based coupons based on the total before coupons and extrabucks! i was skeptical, which is why i asked for further confirmation from a supervisor - but i still received the same answer.

for example...

"if you wanted to use $16 in ExtraBucks as well as a $4 off of $20 coupon, your subtotal would need to be a minimum of $36.00 before coupons are applied. After ExtraBucks and manufacture (sic) coupons, your subtotal must still be at least $20.00 for your $4 off of $20 coupon to apply to your purchase."

i received this non-answer on facebook 10/10/15...

my conclusions:

technically the coupon policy has not changed. the policy reads "cvs/pharmacy reserves the right to process coupons in any order."

for as long as i can remember, cvs allowed us to use a purchase-based coupon as long as we met the required amount before coupons & extrabucks.

but according to cvs policy, they may deduct other coupons/extrabucks first - and presumably reject the purchase-based coupon if the total is no longer high enough.

most cashiers will probably continue to accept extrabucks "like cash" to pay the balance after any purchase-based coupon. but it is not guaranteed! and updates to the system could take the decision out of the cashier's hands.

updates have been made at some stores and people are having various issues including coupons being voided off. some of these issues are definitely glitches that should be fixed eventually. but could the reason for some coupons or extrabucks being voided off be due to not reaching the required amount after extrabucks/coupons? only time will tell...

please continue sharing your experiences so we can work together to figure out the situation!