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cvs coupon center 05/03-05/09

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    expire one week from day printed...

  • cvs brands (select) 30% off
    printing for everyone

  • fragrance $5 off $25

  • hershey's kisses, reese's, or miniatures bonus 11-15 oz $3 off 2
    printing for everyone

    unknown expiration...

  • Axe Shower Gel or Shower Tool 50% Off (max value $2.89)

  • Baby Shampoo, Wash or Lotion (any) $3 off $15

  • Bayer Low Dose , St. Joseph , or CVS Brand Aspirin $1 off $5

  • Caress Body Wash or Soap $2 off

  • Clinical Deodorant (any) 30% Off

  • Colgate Sensitive Toothbrush + Sensitivity Relief Pen $2 off

  • Contact Lens Solution 10 oz+ (any) $2 off

  • Deodorant (any) 30% Off

  • Garnier Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Styling or Spray $2.50 off $9

  • Hair Color (any) $5 off $18

  • Meta Fiber Bar $1.50 off

  • Metamucil 4-in-1 MultiHealth Fiber or Capsule $5 off

  • Nexxus Premium Hair Care $7 off $25

  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy Patches, Gum or Lozenges $7 off $30

  • Revlon Beauty Tools $3 off $15

  • Sundown Naturals Vitamins $2 off

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crt stands for cash register tape. crt's are cvs coupons that print from the coupon center or at the end of your receipt. more info here

keep scanning your card until you get the "You've already printed all your coupons." message to be sure you have received all coupons available to you. the coupons that expire in one week are usually received on all cvs cards. other coupons only print for some cards.

generally, coupon offers received seem to decline the more you shop at cvs. however, it may also be the case that certain cards are just lucky or unlucky. more info here

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