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coupons emailed to some "extracare advantage for diabetes" members, exp 062610

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    these coupons only seem to have been sent to people who signed up for extracare advantage for diabetes...

  • ACCU-CHEK® Aviva meter $5 off

  • Boost Glucose Control nutritional drink $4 off

  • Colgate Total® toothpaste 4 oz. or larger $1 off

  • HERSHEY’®S SUGAR FREE candy 3-5 oz. bag $1 off
warning: it's been reported that all of these coupons beep "not for card" even if you did receive them directly from cvs!

my standard disclaimer:
the coupons for specific items (except free gifts) have been working for anyone in the past. the $/$$ coupons ($5 off $30, etc.) and free item coupons will beep "not for card" if they were not emailed to you. see the cvs coupon guide for more details.

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how does cvs decide who to send these coupons to?

generally, coupon offers received seem to decline the more you shop at cvs. another theory is that people who fill prescriptions at cvs are given more coupons. however, it may also be the case that certain cards are just lucky or unlucky.

according to cvs...
"The coupons you received are based on your shopping habits and frequency of visits. Some are supported by our suppliers... CVS continually modifies these targeted offers to provide products and services our customers want most." - Joseph E. Battey, CVS/pharmacy ExtraCare
did you get any email coupons exp 06/26 that aren't listed here?
please let me know!


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