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$5/$30 medicare part d quiz coupon (no longer available)

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you will be prompted to print the coupon after taking the 3 question multiple choice quiz.
(you do not need to answer the questions correctly)
expires 2 weeks from the date you print it.

update 11/05: its broken! although this quiz/coupon gives the appearance of working correctly, all coupons are printing with the same barcode (876000 594100) and are not working at the register!

update 11/19: different barcodes, but the coupons still aren't working at the register.

update 12/11: the coupon has been fixed!
1 day and 1/2 since i asked you guys to call and email cvs, it has been fixed! did we have anything to do with that? i think so! according to our poll, 128 of us called/emailed wed night through friday and i am sure that helped bring attention to this problem. :)

thanks so much to everyone who took the time to help! if you called or emailed cvs to ask them to fix the coupon, you might want to contact them again now to thank them for doing so.

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update 01/16: it's broken again!
all coupons are beeping at cvs with the message is that the coupon is expired, even though if you had printed it less than 2 weeks ago it is not expired yet! :(
if you print multiple copies with the same barcode and try to use more than one, the register will alert the cashier that it has already been used.

in order to get additional coupons with unique bar codes, you will need to clear your flash memory. here's how:

  • Right click on the flash object (right click on the "start quiz now" area) and choose settings

  • There are 5 little icon tabs at the bottom of the settings window, click on the folder icon tab

  • Slide local storage bar all the way to the left (it should ask you whether or not to delete cvs related info)

  • Click on ok to delete

  • check "never ask again" and close

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