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green bag tag! (program ended)

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program ended 04/28/13

the "Green Bag Tag" has begun arriving in stores week of 10/11! It costs $.99 and is designed to attach to a reusable shopping bag. Each time you visit CVS and decline a plastic bag, you may have your Green Bag Tag scanned. after 4 uses on your cvs card, you will earn $1 eb!
"You can use any re-usable shopping bag, re-use a plastic bag from a previous purchase, or simply carry out your items. Anytime you decline a one-time use plastic bag, you will receive a Green Bag Tag™ credit."
Starting on 040110, for one year, CVS will donate $.05 to World Wildlife Fund for every Green Bag Tag sold.

Green Bag Tag Program WPRI news story

CVS/pharmacy To Support World Wildlife Fund with Sales of Green Bag Tag

here is a faq the stores have been reported to receive...
Green Bag Tag FAQ

1. Is the ExtraCare card required for Green bag tag to work?
a. Yes, the ExtraCare card or using the customer’s phone number is required for Green bag tag to work. Green bag tag should be scanned LAST (after the ExtraCare card and items are scanned) in the transaction.

2. Will Green bag tag work with the universal card?
a. No. The universal card will not properly track a customer’s Green bag tag use. The universal card should not be scanned with the Green bag tag.

3. Do I have to use Green bag tag with a CVS/pharmacy reusable shopping bag?
a. No. customers can use any brand of reusable shopping bag. They can even re-use a plastic bag from a previous shopping trip.

4. If a customer doesn’t use a reusable shopping bag or a plastic bag and just carries out their item(s), should I still scan their Green bag tag?
a. Yes, scan customer’s Green bag tag.

5. If a customer uses a reusable shopping bag and a plastic bag, should I still scan their Green bag tag?
a. Yes. If there isn’t enough room in the reusable shopping bag and the customer needs an additional plastic bag to carry their items, they can use a plastic bag. Green bag tag should still be scanned.

6. What do I do if a customer forgets their Green bag tag?
a. Direct the customer to call 1-800-SHOP-CVS. Customer service will credit the customer.

7. What do I do if a customer loses their Green bag tag?
a. Direct the customer to call 1-800-SHOP-CVS. Customer service will issue an Extra Buck so the customer can purchase a new Green bag tag.

8. Can customers use Green bag tag in the pharmacy?
a. Yes, when a plastic bag is not used.

9. How does Green bag tag work in the drive thru?
a. Just like at any register. The customer hands you their ExtraCare card (or phone #), reusable shopping bag (or just hand the customer their items), and Green bag tag. A plastic bag should not be used.

"*To earn Extra Bucks® for a transaction in-store, your ExtraCare® card, Green bag tag, and reusable bag must be presented with purchase at checkout. Limit of one Green bag tag use/scan per day per household. Every fourth purchase your Extra Bucks reward will print at the bottom of your cash register receipt as a $1 coupon good for your next purchase. Extra Bucks can be used until the expiration date shown on the coupon. Extra Bucks are not redeemable for alcohol, gift cards, lottery, money orders, prescriptions, postage stamps, pre-paid cards and tobacco products. Extra Bucks can only be used when presented in conjunction with the ExtraCare card associated with the rewards. CVS/pharmacy reserves the right to modify or terminate the Green bag tag program without notice. Green bag tag rewards cannot be earned with® purchases."
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