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new tax calculation at cvs

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there have recently been 2 changes regarding tax charged at cvs:
  • tax is being charged on some amounts paid in extrabucks

  • tax is being charged on the proportion of your total not paid by store coupons

as many of you have noticed, some of our extrabucks are now ringing up as "cvs mfr coupon" instead of "cvs coupon." i believe all of the recently issued eb are ringing up this way, and once we use up all of the older eb we have, we will see all of our eb ring up as mfr coupons.

if your state charges tax on the amount paid by manufacturer coupons, you will now have to pay tax on the amount you pay in extrabucks!

here is the formula i believe now used to calculate sales tax...

[{1 - (cvs coupon total/total of merchandise)} x taxable total ] x your tax rate

for example, in my transaction on 7/21

[{1 - ($2/2.97)} x .99 ] x .08625

the cvs coupon total is $2 ($2 off 2 Gold Emblem nuts crt). i did not include my extrabucks because it rang up as "mfr coupon." any eb that ring up as cvs coupons should be included in the cvs coupon total.

the taxable total was $.99, because i am not taxed on food. using this formula, my tax comes to $.0278875 and i was actually charged $.03 tax.

of course this formula will not help you figure your tax in advance if you don't know whether your eb are going to ring up as mfr or store coupons! but if all eb eventually ring up as mfr coupons, then we will eliminate that confusion.

i will update the spreadsheet when we have more answers!

notes:i could be wrong! this formula worked to correctly calculate the tax charged on my recent transactions, but there may be other variables i have not considered.

and i don't know for sure if all eb will eventually ring up as manufacturer coupons, this is just my theory.