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cvs cash register upgrade

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a few people have been reporting that cvs cashiers now have a new feature on their registers... they can print ECB's on command. for example, if you were due ecb's but due to some glitch they did not print, and the cashier/manager agrees that you should have received them, there is now a way that they can force the register to print them.

the rumor is that this feature will also be utilized with rainchecks. so if you have a raincheck for a free after ecb item, instead of the item being rung up for $0, it will now be rung up at the sale/regular price. this is good because you can use your coupons and ecb's to pay (whereas you couldn't use coupons on the item when it was rung up as $0.) and receive your ecb back just as you would have during the promotion.

i don't know if this is available at all stores yet - and even if it is, it will probably be a little while before all the employees are aware of it and learn how to use it. but it sounds much nicer than going home without your ecb's and calling customer service!

thank you cvs! ♥

update: here is some more information left in the comments of this site...

I work at cvs and can tell you that our ability to issue ecb's at the register is due to be complete in ALL areas by the end of november. In most cases it does not require a mgr approval. We DO however need to have a 4 to 8 digit code that will now be under the item as of the 11/23 ad. This feature is for any glitches and for rainchecks. One great thing everyone will be happy to know is that the ecb that prints is supposed to round up (example- ecb due is for $1.79, the ecb that will actually print will be for $2.00) Its better in some cases to be issued a raincheck!!! The cashiers now have under the MISC tab a button that says ISSUE EXTRA BUCKS. Its pretty self explanatory as long as they have that code, so make sure it is written on any rainchecks to make things easier for you, and them.

I am a mgr at cvs and can tell you that our ability to issue ecb at the reg is correct. We do require a code that as of 11-23 is listed in the ads. The cashiers can do it without mgr authorization. It is for rainchecks w/ecb and glitches that do occur. The rollout for this program is due to be completed in all areas by the end of november.