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vyrl mkt just keeps digging themselves in deeper

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Malyshka of slickdeals called harry soza (co-founder of vyrl mkt) 8/20/08 about his company's facebook coupons. it went a little something like this:

Malyshka :
I am calling to see if any updates are available on the legitimacy of the coupons put out by the check it out program at facebook.

Harry :
We have made a formal statement that the coupons will no longer be validated and encouraged stores to no longer take them. Somebody hacked into our system and changed the value of our coupons and then started selling them to a large group of people. This has cost us thousands, and none of these coupons were meant to go out. We were in fact still working on finetuning the coupons when someone hacked into our system and changed the values. Some coupons were even created by these hackers and were not ours at all.

... People started sharing these coupons with friends when the object of the program was to have them printed off the check it out application.

Malyshka :
I have an email from Leslie Leonetti encouraging me to share the coupons with friends

If you look at that date of that email I am sure it will say Saturday. That was our position on Saturday. We have since changed the rules of the promotion and have made offiical statements to that effect. I would urge you to look at all date stamps as the most pertinent information will have today's or yesterday's stamp on it.

Malyshka :
Can you give me an example of coupons that were created by hackers?

Well, there are now coupons out there for Fiji water and Pantene and others that we never created. We only created 12 different coupons. Somehow hackers created a bunch more to where we heard there are now up to 40 coupons floating around.

Malyshka :
Can you explain why we would have screenshots of Mark Wayman stating that all coupons are legitimate, including the Fiji water and the Pantene coupons, and that the high values were in fact correct?

I was not aware he made that statement. If he did, he misspoke. I am the president of the company and as such will tell you he was incorrect in this. I am sorry, but I have another call that I am obligated to take.....

harry's # is 408-892-2759