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july cvs deals cvs clearance cvs y más has been re-designed

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this new design seems much more user friendly than the old version

once you are signed in you can click the "current coupons" tab on your account and view your current ecbs. i noticed this intriguing text:
"Please note: Some ExtraCare rewards are redeemable in-store only. Coupons that are clickable can be printed and redeemed at any CVS/pharmacy store. For rewards that are redeemable online, click on the coupon to activate, and then apply it to your order by clicking on the Use Coupons/ExtraCare Rewards button in your Shopping cart."
none of mine are printable or available to be used online. back in the day, you could print ecb's. looks like they may be going back to that, at least with the quarterly spending rewards.

"derekhatesyou" on slickdeals says he worked on this release of the site...
"When the site goes live on Saturday, we will be able to use only Quarterly ECB. This will probably change as there are an unlimited coupon entry spots. You can simply click on add another coupon.

Also, during the checkout process the site will list all available coupons for you to use on the order. Unfortunately, I wont know until the site goes live what will show up there. For me it was a bunch of random coupons. Like $10 off of $60 and $4 off of CVS brand nuts.

Please note, with the launch of the new site, to access your ExtraCare account you will have to register with Registration is free of course, you just need a valid email address. Your email address will be your username. So only one account per email address.

Also, I seen a few posts on the boards pertaining to the $4 off of $20 for updating. We recently made revisions to the program used for ExtraCare. As far as I have seen and tested, you will no longer be able to repeatedly update your email address for another coupon."
as far as using ecb's online... i doubt i would ever do this (unless they had some kind of crazy online-only sale) #1 i want to use my man. coupons, #2 i don't want to pay shipping, and #3 i want to buy items to earn ecb's.

i wonder if they might start making cvs coupons available to print from the site. i've said before that if they want to limit coupon usage why not have users log-in to their account, and be able to print only the coupons available to that extracare account, with the # of prints limited the same way other online coupons are limited to 2 prints...

as derekhatesyou said, there is no offer for a $4 off $20 update coupon, but those who have just registered a new card are receiving $4 off $20's in their email.