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Free or Cheap after using $2 off CVS Skincare Q

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bumping this back to the front page... added the cvs vaseline! if you found anything else, please mention in the comments!

$2 off CVS Skincare beauty handbook coupon be sure to print at about 50%. 100% is huge!

♥ CVS Petroleum Jelly 3.75 OZ $1.99

♥ CVS Beauty Bar soap 2 packs were $1.99 and in the following "flavors" (they seem to be a generic Dove soap.)
Exfoliating, White, Cool Moisturizing, Sensitive Skin

♥ CVS Emerald Mist Deodorant Soap 3 Pak in Aloe Vera or Hydrating Burst

♥ CVS Aloe Cool & Fresh Light Moisture Lotion 3.3 oz $1.49

♥ EOB loofah bath sponge $1.99

♥ CVS Advanced Healing Fragrance Free Lotion 97 ML $1.49

♥ CVS Mild Hypoallergenic Baby Oil 4 oz $1.49

♥ CVS Total Moisture Dry Skin Lotion 3.3 oz $1.49

♥ Many types of CVS hand sanitizers and liquid hand soaps are priced $1.19-$1.99

♥ CVS Kid's Body Wash $2.99
♥ CVS Sunblock lotion SPF 30 2 oz- $2.19
♥ CVS Medicated Apricot Scrub $2.99
♥ CVS Hydrating Body Wash w/ essential oils 12 oz $2.99
♥ CVS Moisturizing Body Wash 12 oz $2.99 in the following flavors...
-Ocean Breeze
- Cucumber Melon
- Milk & Honey
- Lavender and Camomille
-Pure Silk

thanks to mishie/mouse and niki123 at a full cup