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dear i ♥ cvs community,

as you may remember, i have had problems with your email subscriptions from the begininng of this site. using feedburner's service, i found that old items were occasionally emailed out as if they were new. this led to much confusion as readers were looking at deals that were no longer active. not acceptable.

i then decided to try zookoda's service and was not satisfied with them either. determining that the real problem probably lay within blogger's rss feed, i went back to feedburner, but using a different feed to generate the email content.

this seemed to be going well until this morning, when i discovered that the feedburner subscription service for i heart cvs had mysteriously disappeared from my account! unfortunately, this means i no longer even have access to the subscriber list :(

so the saying goes: if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. from now on i will personally create the email updates and send them out to you all. while this will be more time consuming, it will certainly add a more personal touch.

please humor me and subscribe again.

♥ erica

ps - if you prefer to follow i ♥ cvs through rss, you can do so using this feed. however, i cannot say how long it will be before that feed disappears too.