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reinventing beauty magazine coupons (look for in store)

The Coupon Book is the size of a Letter Size Sheet of Paper and may be found by itself (free) or within Reinventing Beauty magazine ($.99). check your store - they may be found by the weekly flyers, by the cash registers, in the cosmetic aisle... anywhere really! be warned though, they are usually difficult to find.

all coupons expire 3/31/09 except for conair.

$2 off any usmile tooth whitening purchase

$2 off an 24.7 beauty purchase

$1 off any vickery and clarke purchase

$1 off any cvs pharmacy brand skin care

$3 off any two sally hansen nail color

$2 off any one tube of staphaseptic first aid or antiseptic gel 2oz

$1 off any cvs pharmacy brand defining skincare

$3 off any listerine whitening pen

$2.50 off conair (expires Dec 31 2008)

$2 off skin effects

$2 off any clearasil ultra product

$1 off any clearasil stayclear product

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